Getting started

  1. Create your project in a virtualenv directory (see the virtualenv documentation)
$ virtualenv my_project
$ source my_project/bin/activate
$ pip install ramses
$ pcreate -s ramses_starter my_project
$ cd my_project
$ pserve local.ini
  1. Tada! Start editing api.raml to modify the API and items.json for the schema.


  • Python 2.7, 3.3 or 3.4
  • Elasticsearch (data is automatically indexed for near real-time search)
  • Postgres or Mongodb or Your Data Store™


  • For a more complete example of a Pyramid project using Ramses, you can take a look at the Example Project.
  • RAML can be used to generate an end-to-end application, check out this example using Ramses on the backend and RAML-javascript-client + BackboneJS on the front-end.